What is the Cost of Donor Eggs?

In deciding to use donor eggs in any fertility treatment, couples often wonder about the cost of such a service. The simple answer is: it varies. Typically, compensation to the donor will run about $4,000 to $5,000. This is not including the cost of in vitro buy donor eggs fertilization or whichever procedure the couple decides to use. For a more accurate estimate of the cost, couples should speak with a clinic offering egg donation services.

Beyond determining the cost of donor eggs, there are other factors that couples should take into account before choosing a donor. Obviously, they should make sure that the donor has a clean bill of health and that there are no hereditary defects or diseases in her medical history. They should also consider her emotional well-being and social history. A fertility doctor will assist with this process so that the couple has all of the information necessary in choosing a donor.

In addition to the taking of a medical history, donors are also put through psychological screenings and physical examinations to make sure that they are physically and emotionally healthy. This also includes screening for any sexually transmitted diseases. Many donor clinics prescreen all candidates before they may become donors to ensure that they are healthy and qualified.

Still, speaking with a fertility doctor or donor clinic will help to answer any questions the couple may have about the donor. Any further questions that couples may have on the subject of donor eggs or the donor process should be directed at a medical professional at a reputable clinic. Couples may also be interested in learning the success rate of the donor process.

Several factors go into determining possible success rates including the health of both women involved, semen quality of the man and the age of the eggs. Older women may experience a decreased rate of success, although this is variable. Some reports show that just less than half of couples who use donor eggs get pregnant. The possibility of miscarriage still exists if the couple does get pregnant and is a subject that should be covered with a physician.

With several variables determining the ultimate chance of success of fertility treatments and their cost, a consultation with a fertility doctor is helpful. More information regarding the cost of donor eggs and that of in vitro fertilization can be obtained from a fertility clinic in the area.